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Becoming an OTGRA Member

Voting Members

Voting members shall include Tribal Gaming Commissions, Gaming Commission Staff, and individuals involved in regulation for that Tribe. Each Tribe shall submit a membership fee of $200.00 and shall list on the application all individuals under that Tribes Commission who shall be considered an OTGRA voting member for that tribe.

Tribal Entities: $200.00 annually

Associate Members

Associate Members may join OTGRA as well. An associate member is an entity, or individual not with a Tribe but who has an interest in regulatory issues (i.e. private attorneys, vendors, testing labs, individuals, etc.). The Associate Members shall not be eligible to vote, but are invited to attend all meetings and conferences. The fees for Associate Members is listed below.

Non-Tribal Entities: $100.00 annually
Individuals: $50.00 annually

Pursuant to the Association bylaws, membership fees ​shall be paid annually every January for all Tribes, entities, or individuals wishing to become a member of the Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Regulators Association. You must complete the Membership Application Form and submit it with a check payable to the OTGRA and send to the following address: 

Jerrod Chester
OTGRA Treasurer

P.O. Box 1326

Miami, Oklahoma 74355

If you have any questions, please contact Jerrod Chester, Treasurer, at (918) 541-1365 

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